Candidate for University Regent – District 7

Lucille Thaler

Lucille Thaler’s platform goals rest on two pivotal issues:


As a 16-year resident and educator in Clark County, I am concerned by an alarming shortage of teachers who are qualified to instruct the students of the CCSD. In the School of Education at UNLV and the other state higher education institutions, a curriculum change is needed for the last semester. If a student who is set for receiving a baccalaureate degree in education, or higher level (Masters or PhD.), an implementation for full qualification, issuance of a license to teach in Nevada, and all the clearances necessary, could and would fulfill the void that is necessary to fully staff our classrooms (Pre-K – Grade 12). Each year, thousands of dollars are spent to recruit teachers, and yet, we could have a built-in supply of pre-approved and pre-qualified teachers for these positions. Graduating students from our state universities can be prepared and guaranteed to have a job as a teacher upon receiving their degree! This would be a solution to our lower grades lack of teachers. Teacher shortages could be diminished, and it would also serve an inducement for many students to become teachers! We desperately need fully qualified teachers now!!!


This second prominent issue is essential to the well-being of the university population on our campuses. Many would-be applicants to UNLV, or other state schools, are aware of the true state of proper safety and security that exists in this area. Enclosing campuses would be a definite solution, and the addition of a bar code to the properly worn ID badge can reduce fears for one’s safety. In other state and municipal systems, enclosure of the actual campus via bar fences (similar to ones around parks) can alleviate the trespassing of people who do not belong and are there to create problems. Guests, of course, upon showing their Driver's License or other formal identification, would be issued a temporary ID with an encrypted bar code stating the purpose of the visit. On a personal note, several years ago, during my faculty days at UNLV, I was offered two courses that would let out at approximately 11 pm. I had to sadly, and with deep regret, turn down teaching these classes for fear of my own safety in reaching my vehicle. No one on our campuses should have to face fear when seeking an education or being an educator!

In conclusion, elect Lucille Thaler for University Regent – District 7. I have added a supreme endorsement below, from St. John’s University, New York.

“As a 40 year veteran of higher education and retired professor, former Chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Theatre, Director of the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Graduate and Undergraduate programs and the Speech and Hearing Center of St. John’s University, New York, I feel confident in endorsing a long-time associate and friend, Lucille Thaler. She would be an asset, an insider in the world of higher education, and an innovative team participant as a member of the NSHE Board of Regents. I have known her for over 50 years and have admired her extraordinary talents and superior intelligence. She has been a stellar example for other educators and leaders. I endorse Lucille Thaler fully, completely, and I am certain she has what the State of Nevada needs in a University Regent.”

Donna Geffner

Donna Geffner, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/A

Retired Professor and Past President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Honorary Doctorate in Education, Providence College


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